Best Hand Creams for Beautiful Hands

Best Hand Creams for Beautiful Hands

If you’re one of the many who are skeptical about hand creams and don’t remember when was the last time you pampered your hands, it’s high time you should reconsider. We put our hands through a lot every day, yet more often they end up at the bottom of our skin care priority regime without any hand cream to soothe tired hand skin. With age skin-cell production decreases rendering your skin less efficient at repairing itself. Hands are usually one of the firsts to show signs of aging with dark spots, veins, and loose skin, and calls for uncompromising attention of care throughout the year. In winter, they deserve a little more love of a moisturizing hand cream.    A hand care regime of proper nourishment for happy hands involves keeping the them silky soft by ‘feeding’ with nourishment with a hand cream. It also involves identifying the area of concern to address it properly. Usually deep lines and cracks may mean that your hand skin is dehydrated while rough areas on hands indicate a lack of essential fatty acids in your diet. Constant drying out of hands show they are exposed to excessive external elements with harmful UV rays causing uneven build up of pigmentation.

Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream

This one offers extra nourishing formula to help condition and smooth dry hands. It offers a very clean smell, and spreads and absorbs really well. Moisturizing cocoa butter and jojoba oil in the hand cream helps to pamper hard working hands and soften with super-silky and non-greasy feeling. As a brand Dirty Works is relatively new in India, you’ll love discovering new beauty and skincare products. Although the price is little on the higher side, it won’t blow your budget and it highly worth the price. Its good clean fun and a definite handbag essential for any girl!

Boutique Bio Nyctanthes Hand Cream

If your hand skin is particularly dry & dehydrated, then this hand cream is the answer you’re looking for. Nyctanthes is an Indian tree with flowers that contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiacal properties. Above all other things, one thing for sure with this hand cream is that it moisturizes really well and provides nourishment to make your skin softer. It's a little greasy and takes few minutes to absorb. But this is the care your hand deserves after prolonged neglect.