Nail Colors

Nail Colors

Every year brings new changes. Every year, people want something new to do, wear and flaunt. And with each passing year, some trends are built upon and taken to a higher and higher level, whereas some are forgotten right away. But here is the thing about fashion, nothing is ever completely forgotten. If there is ever a place where history constantly repeats itself and reinvents itself, it is on a runway first and then trickles down to our daily lives!    In this post, we predict the Nail colors.

The dark bloody and scary tones

Dark and vampy shades haven't fallen too far behind either! They are here to stay and not just for the winter but through the whole year! Some of the colors which are a part this madness are oxblood, navy blue, dark grey and eggplant shades.

The pale and light

Pale shades are also here to stay this year. These are for those of you who love neat and subtle looks. Paint your nails in milky white shade or cotton candy pink shade and off you go.