The Basics Every Women Must Have: Handbag

The Basics Every Women Must Have: Handbag

For a woman on the go, her handbag provides her 90 percent of the moral support for the day. The content of a woman's handbag has been a topic of discussion for millions of years (not exactly) and every woman has different content as per her requirements. Quite sure that every woman must have the following stuffs in her bag that sets her free for the rest of the day pretty.

Lip Balm/Gloss

Keeping your lips nourished and moisturized is enough to make the men swoon. Regular use of a lip balm and the occasional dash of lipstick/lip gloss help keep your lips supple. Don't forget to regularly scrub your lips with a soft toothbrush which helps remove the dead skin.


Traveling everyday can ruin your skin but a couple of preventive measures will make your skin look like those photo shopped models on the hoarding (touchwood!). Your skin type must obviously be kept in mind while choosing your sunscreen. Apply it 10-15 minutes before stepping out and you are good to go.